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Remedies for skin firm and healthy

More and more people are turning to a healthier lifestyle recommended by the father of medicine thousands of years ago. Organic foods are becoming more readily available and consumed . And we women , we give anything to have a youthful and beautiful skin .

Firm and glowing skin does not have to be a dream here a number of natural remedies that help your skin , moisturizing it and protecting it against environmental factors and more.

Hippocrates said " the natural way is the only way ." Various alternative therapies including Reiki , breath control and acupuncture treatments rapidly gaining ground against traditional allopathic medicine . Sometimes, people become so preoccupied naturally reach their being about the middle ( with their inner being ) and maintain its equilibrium , that look of shell .

We present skin rejuvenation treatments that help , at the same time to save money. It will take determination on your part : you have to put five items in your shopping cart and you allocate an hour of your time for yourself.

Skin Treatment farm

The following recipes are designed to combat the effects of harsh winter left degradation on the face, hair , lips and your body without going to cost a fortune or hours spent searching the ingredients and boiling mixtures ( each recipe has only three steps! ) .

Try to spend a little time each week , your body applying one or all of these natural remedies . You 'll look and feel better on the outside , which will make you shine inside.

More and more people are turning to a healthier lifestyle recommended by the father of medicine thousands of years ago. Organic foods are becoming more readily available and consumed . And we women , we give anything to have a youthful and beautiful skin .

Youth and freshness are in healthier foods
An avocado - contains vitamins A, C and E, iron, potassium , niacin , pantothenic acid , unsaturated fatty acids stimulates the skin to produce natural fats .
2 small bananas - contain tryptophan , potassium and vitamins A, B , C and E that restore hair elasticity .
A small bottle of olive oil - Hippocrates said that olive oil is a great therapeutic remedy : offer sun protection , absorbing 20% of the sun's rays .
Orange essential oil - soothes and restores mood , restores skin and is a calming agent .
Beeswax - melting point of 600C , a natural wax , the animal , which comes from the honeycomb produced by bees , acts as a binder and protective barrier against wind and sun.
Citrus- based mask
citrus- based mask

If you want to avoid a lengthy process of cleaning , cover your face with a gauze before applying the mask ( with holes for eyes and mouth ) .

Mix the following : an avocado , a teaspoon of olive oil, a small banana and an egg yolk . Blend the mixture on the scalp and hair , massaging gently , then cover your head with a shower cap . Leave it for an hour , then rinse well with warm water. Wash it with shampoo as usual .

More and more people are turning to a healthier lifestyle recommended by the father of medicine thousands of years ago. Organic foods are becoming more readily available and consumed . And we women , we give anything to have a youthful and beautiful skin .

Lip Balm from oranges and honey
If you want lip balm to be shiny and smooth , use more olive oil. If you want to be thicker , like a cream , put less.

Honey Remedies

Heat two tablespoons of beeswax in a double boiler until melted . Remove from heat . Slowly pour a cup of olive oil wax and mix to homogeneity.
Add a teaspoon of honey and 5 drops of orange essential oil . Stir until it cools . Pour mixture into a clean bowl with lid. Close tight ship.

Remedies : scrub with avocado and bananas
based exfoliating avocado

Avocado pit must be dry for 3-5 days before being ground to be put in the mix . Finely grind dried avocado pit ( you could put it in a closed plastic bag and smash it with a hammer ) . Mix the banana and olive oil to get a thick paste .

Easily applied to the skin , rubbing - do not press too hard, the pit will be achieved naturally exfoliate . Then rinse with warm water.

The results of these herbal remedies will appear after a few days of treatment.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

how to have whiter skin

Most soaps and cleaning products available on the market today have antibacterial ingredients. However, for proper hygiene of the body and the house, no need for such products, our experts say. Antibacterial does not necessarily mean better, more efficiently. The same effect of cleaning products they have and without antibacterials.

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Moreover, experts warn that a number of existing chemicals in soaps or antibacterial products act negatively on the environment and long-term health damage.

Over time, several studies have been conducted that have examined the health effects of antibacterial soap. Allison Aiello of the University of Michigan told WebMD that "there is no difference between the groups who used these soaps and those who used regular soaps. In one study, people who were washed with antibacterial soap fewer bacteria on the hands and this is because washed for 30 seconds to 18 times per day for 5 days. "

Ingredients in antibacterial soaps may reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics!

Research shows that triclosan, the most common antibacterial agent may reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics (such as amoxacilina). If soaps containing this substance are used frequently, the bacteria become resistant to antibacterial soap. Moreover, triclosan can enter the body through the skin and reach the blood microcapilarele from here spread to other organs.

Solution: natural ingredients

To protect yourself from the negative effects of toxic substances, experts recommend replacing them with some less aggressive, preferably natural.
Here are some solutions:

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 Wash your hands thoroughly and as frequently!
No way soap prevents the spread of bacteria, but how you wash your hands. You should wash with warm water for 20 seconds, without forgetting the spaces between the fingers, wrists and nails. finally, wipe with disposable towels.

Use organic products!
Buy only organic products for hand hygiene and cleanliness. Read the labels and make sure you do not contain triclosan, triclocarbon, chlorine, ammonia or glycol ethers. Do you need these ingredients to obtain clean surfaces. Opt for soaps with natural ingredients: olive oil, honey, calendula oil, carrots etc..

Ditch the toxic products for bath and kitchen hygiene!
For they can use, for example borax. It is very effective against mold, especially when mixed with a little vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide reduces also the micro-rough surfaces.

How to get a natural disinfectant?

To obtain a natural and a good disinfectant totdata you need:

1 teaspoon of borax;
2 tablespoons of white vinegar;
2 cups of hot water;
1/4 teaspoon lavender essential oil;
3 drops of tea tree essential oil.

Mix all ingredients and shake until all is dissolved. Put the solution obtained in a spray bottle. You can use this mixture to any surface, except for glass.

Since I know I have an obsession with skin and I'm afraid of wrinkles. I use the cream for 18 body cream all the time and it feels every wonder that I see when I say my age.

Three days ago, when I returned from the trip of two weeks, the first thing I did when I got home was to put my mask with clay from Charm. I use clay about 4 months, weeks, and started my little plate: save a lot of money and time as you do not need to go so often in cosmetics. We combined simple clay with water, sat with her face half an hour (while I drank a glass of wine) and magic happened. My skin was clean and bright again.

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And now that summer, I have another obsession: waxing it that I eat a lot of time. Make appointment with the beautician fits your schedule, do so to meet schedule (every two weeks), go up there, wait 30 minutes, come back. Many times I have time for this and that the charm has depilatory creams offer suits me perfectly and escape from the drudgery that goes into one of the cosmetic surgery.

depilatory cream charm

I admit, when it comes to my body and care for it, are narcissistic. Doing sport almost daily to keep me in shape and helps the skin to remain elastic through creams they use daily without interruption. Sure, it's helped by eating a balanced diet and plenty of water (especially now that temperatures have risen so much), but I try to give my best to care Celemi. Perhaps home is not like the spa or massage parlors can not wrap me in chocolate and other wonders what not, but its charm creams to do an awful job.

For all talking about depilatory creams, here you can find promotional spot that I liked a lot and I'm curious if you see little metaphor made the beginning of the clip.

Now that the end to tell you about my ritual skin care from head to toe:

- Clean the skin with cleanser and then Aslavital Mineralactiv soap-free cream
- Cream scrub and clay powder, once a week each at a distance of 3 days of each other;

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 - Mineralactiv Aslavital complexion (+ gel concealer that God's eye gels)
- Moisturising Body fluid from Gerovital
- Heel care cream
- Antiseptic, all leg (okay, I admit, and I have an obsession for foot care)

I would love to hear from you about the skin care products you use, what kind, how we use it. I like ideas coming from others and I'm glad to find other methods of care that they can apply it.

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